The Top 10 Family Experiences in South America

With its diverse cultures, dramatic scenery and exotic wildlife, South America is an ideal place to create a memorable family vacation. This vast region — which spans more than 6,800 square miles and ranges from sunny Caribbean beaches to glacier-lined waterways — has lots of excitement for kids of all ages. Parents and grandparents will find lots to love, too. 

Learning to tango in Buenos Aires: This evocative Argentinean music and dance, which originated in the late 19th century, has emerged as one of the nation’s most iconic cultural traditions. And children can be unexpectedly good at mastering the intricate steps. Tango classes can be added to your tour easily and is a great family friendly experience.

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Going Gaucho

If your travel fantasies involve lush, rolling vistas, delicious outdoor meals, dancing under the stars, and endless adventure without boundaries, then you may just have something in common with the Argentinean folk hero, the legendary gaucho. These mythic horsemen and cowhands who roamed the Argentine grasslands, closely associated with the country’s independence from Spain, are perhaps the most venerated symbol of national identity for the Argentinean people. Today, the lifestyle and traditions of the gaucho are carried on through the country’s thriving estancias, ranches that welcome guests from around the world for a thrilling peek into the livestock and agricultural practices of modern day gauchos! Saddle up and read on – then get in touch with our team to learn more

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Between Worlds: Exploring Ecuador’s Majestic Geography

Ecuador’s majestic geography seems to straddle two worlds – earthly and divine.  From its snow-capped towering volcanoes to its mystical underground Amazonian caves, intrepid explorers have found powerful inspiration among these rocky realms for centuries. These days, travelers can find the same inspiration with just a little bit of planning and a keen sense of adventure. Below, we’ve highlighted a few must-visit destinations for experiencing Ecuador’s heavenly vistas and subterranean secrets – learn more by visiting our collection of Ecuador itineraries, and get in touch with the Coddiwomple Journeys team today!

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