“Connecting the World’s Children Through Sports & Educational Activities”

Mission: ARM in ARM connects the world’s children through sports and educational activities by collecting new or gently used sports apparel, gear and educational supplies to enhance the experiences of less-fortunate children.

About Us

Hello, our names are Aarav and Arjun Mehta, 11- and 8-year old siblings from Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Sometimes we are best friends, sometimes not so much, much to the grief of our parents! Irrespective, both of us share a passion for sports and have had the good fortune to travel to over 12 countries and 22 states in the U.S. in our short lifetime. While our trips include the touristy highlights, our parents always ensure we experience local culture and food.  

There are a lot of differences in the various countries and even states within the US we have visited; as 8- and 11-year old’s, we have noticed how our peers, children our age, don’t necessarily live in the same way we do.  For example in a local community in Panama, appropriate gear and apparel that we just have, to play our favorite sports, is not normal for all children.  Also, in many schools the classrooms, books and toys were limited or in very poor condition. 

We are motivated to start ARM in ARM to be part of a movement to “level the playing field” – did we mention we like sports 😊 - by sharing our abundance with others.  

Both of us get excited at the beginning of each school year when our parents buy us new sports gear; we are inspired by the idea of creating that same excitement for others, by sharing a small piece of our good fortune.

ARM is not only the initials of our names but also speaks to our mission, to join “arm in arm”, to make a difference to children everywhere.

We are launching…

In August 2020, we are traveling to Tanzania and Kenya for a month to volunteer at Mombasa Children’s Home and Wema Center for Children, both organizations work with local youth in need.  Please click on the videos to learn about the mission and programs of each organization.

Join Us!

Ahead of our trip, we are collecting sports apparel and gear to bring on our first ARM in ARM mission; and we are asking for your help.  If you or people you know, have gently used athletic apparel, footwear, gear and/or equipment, for both boys and girls, we would greatly appreciate your donations. For pick up and/or drop-off, and any questions, you can contact us by: 

Phone: 781-454-9883


Along the way, we will share our journey and experiences through blog posts, video clips, photographs and find ways to connect you directly to the local youth who receive your generous donations. 

Don't forget to watch our video about the upcoming trip and plans.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning of ARM in ARM!

Please note: We are not yet registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so any monetary donations will not be tax deductible.  However, we will send you a written acknowledgment and provide an update on how your contribution was used.

ARM in ARM and the children of the world thank you!