Why Colombia Next Must See Destination

Editorial Team Travel Journal

With its diverse geography, world-famous attractions, rich traditions and varied cuisine, South America offers some of the world’s most memorable vacation experiences. And in recent years, one nation in particular has been trending as a must-see destination: Colombia.

The numbers back up this South American hotspot’s growing popularity. According to Colombia’s ministry of tourism, the number of international visitors jumped 38.1 percent between January and May 2018, compared to the same period the year before. The country received more than 6.5 million foreign tourists in 2017, an annual increase of 24% over the five million foreign visitors in 2016.

Yet Colombia remains an enticing mystery for those who haven’t yet discovered its pleasures. Part of Colombia’s allure lies in the fact that, for many years, it was off the radar. Once a definite "no-go" destination (Pablo Escobar made his home there, after all), Colombia now attracts in-the-know globetrotters looking for spectacular natural wonders, fascinating culture, gorgeous scenery and unique experiences that can’t be had anywhere else.

Coddiwomple Journeys (coddiwomplejourneys.com), a U.S.-based company that specializes in South America tours, offers a richly detailed “Discover Colombia” itinerary  that can be customized to satisfy the interests of a diverse array of
travelers. This eight-day/seven-night Colombia tour includes the “must-see” and “must-do” experiences that should be at the top of any visitor’s Colombia wish list.

Guests on this Colombia tour will savor culture, cuisine and coffee in a multifaceted, experiential journey that gets to the heart of what makes Colombia such a fascinating place. The visit starts in the capital city of Bogota, with time to explore the stunning colonial center, shop the famous Usaquen market and wander the legendary Museo del Oro, a museum with one of the world’s most impressive collections of gold. If you visit on a Sunday, you can also participate in the Ciclovia, a weekly tradition that closes some major thoroughfares to vehicular traffic so that cyclists, skateboarders and joggers can have more space.

From Bogota, it’s an easy ride to Zipaquira, a quaint town that’s best known for its salt cathedral — an otherworldly church that’s dramatically set inside a subterranean salt mine. Nearby, Villa de Leyva offers plenty of photo opportunities with its centuries-old colonial architecture, arts and culture.

With Coddiwomple Journeys, travelers then hop aboard a quick flight from Bogota to Armenia, the heart of Colombia’s legendary coffee region. If you’re a coffee drinker, prepare for ultimate bliss. And even if you’re not, the picturesque scenery and multitude of cultural and outdoor activities makes this an unforgettable place to visit. Guests on the Coddiwomple Journeys Colombia tour can enjoy a hike through the lush Corcora Valley, where Quindio wax palm trees
— the national tree of Colombia — provide a lovely backdrop for photos. A visit to a working coffee farm unlocks the secrets of the nation’s world-famous brew, with ample opportunities for samples.

Another must on any Colombia tour is Cartagena, the historic colonial port city. Founded in 1533 on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena’s walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with pristinely maintained architecture as well as excellent museums, shopping and dining. It’s an easily walkable city, and guided tours like Coddiwomple assure that visitors won’t miss a thing as they explore the historic streets, buildings and fortresses that once protected the region from invaders.
Rum tasting, culinary experiences and an evening carriage ride through the
historic center are among the memorable experiences that await here.

With its varied destinations and unique offerings, it’s no surprise that Colombia is trending with savvy travelers from around the globe. The nation’s good weather makes traveling a pleasure year-round, and with Coddiwomple Journeys, it’s easy to create a Colombia tour that showcases the very best of the region.